NCI Minute – November 2017

Once a credit account is set-up, ongoing monitoring is crucial
I would like to take this opportunity to remind you about the importance of monitoring your debtors. Preventing bad debts is a much better business practice than trying to recoup lost money in additional sales. If you would like more information on how NCI can help in this area, speak to one of our account managers directly or visit

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Challenges and concerns that keep credit managers awake at night

See an article from Kirk Cheesman, our Managing Director, published in the October AICM Magazine.

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NCI Minute – August 2017

The importance of monitoring your debtors
How often does your business undertake credit checks on existing customers or revisit their ability to pay? We continue to receive more enquiries about our alerts and monitoring system, NCIRadar. We aim to alert you early so you can make informed decisions and potentially avoid a bad debt.

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Beating Bad Debts Requires Proactive Approach

With nearly half of SMEs having more than $20,000 in overdue invoices tying up their cash flow, business owners must be more proactive in mitigating the risk of late payments and bad debts, writes Damian Arena and Kirk Cheesman.

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Challenges and concerns that keep you awake at night

NCI recently conducted their client survey asking CFO’s and Credit Managers to relay their current concerns and challenges.

Looking at the past.

In 2016, the 3 biggest challenges were:

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NCI Minute – May 2017

We have released our latest NCI Minute –  Have a look for information on NCI, tips for compliance, world risks and more

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NCI Minute – February 2017

See our NCI Minute for some updates in the trade credit industry.

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