A Word from the Managing Director: Kirk Cheesman

It’s been a tough start to the year with retailers Ed Harry and Napoleon Perdis entering administration. With lower than expected retail sales for the Christmas period, we may see more insolvencies in the first Quarter of 2019 within this sector.

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PPSR: Expiring Registrations

The PPSR had its 7th birthday at the end of January and, understandably, there’s been quite a growth in the number of articles being written about how to deal with registrations that are due to expire.  NCI released its own fact sheet on the subject last year (click here for a copy) and our key message is simply ‘Don’t Panic’!

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Top-Up Cover: What You Need To Know

While we will always do our best to get you the full credit limit you need from your insurer, there will be times (perhaps because of capacity issues) where, although your insurer is prepared to offer ‘some’ cover, it is not as much as you actually need.

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ATO: Tax Debt Reporting

Buried in the Government’s Mid-Year Economic & Fiscal Outlook published in December, there is a small announcement to the effect that the Government will amend earlier plans and “increase the threshold of business tax debts that can be disclosed to credit reporting bureaus from $10,000 to $100,000”.  The MYEFO goes on to explain that “The increased threshold of $100,000 balances supporting compliance with minimising the impact on businesses with smaller tax debts by targeting higher risk tax debts”.

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PPSR Registrations: What To Do When They Are Due To Expire

While many, (if not most), registrations lodged shortly after the PPSR’s launch at the end of January 2012 would not have had an expiry date, there will be a number that were registered with a 7 year expiry.

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Trade Credit Risk Index Q4

A Modest Index Score Rise In Q4.

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