PPSR Registrations: What To Do When They Are Due To Expire

While many, (if not most), registrations lodged shortly after the PPSR’s launch at the end of January 2012 would not have had an expiry date, there will be a number that were registered with a 7 year expiry.

This fact sheet explains how NCI will help manage the expiry process for its clients and facilitate the renewal of registrations where this is required.

  1. 60 days prior to expiry, we will send our clients an email drawing attention to those registrations due to expire and suggesting that the accounts to which they relate be reviewed and a decision made whether to renew the registration, amend it or allow it to lapse.
  2. 30 days prior to expiry, we will send our clients a further email reminding them of imminent expiries and warning that registrations that are still required must be renewed prior to the expiry date otherwise a fresh registration will need to be lodged.
  3. On the day after a registration has expired, a final email will be sent notifying our client of the expiry and advising that, if perfection of a security interest is still needed, it will require a fresh registration.

The actual process of renewing a registration via NCINet will be very straightforward.  Simply go to the registration requiring renewal, at any point before it expires, and select ‘Renew’ from the available options (as below).

The new expiry period will default to 7 years (from the date of renewal rather than the original date of expiry) but will allow for the same alternative periods as would be available for new registrations.  Prices for the various options will be shown on screen and will mirror those for new registrations.

This is purely a renewal facility and any amendments that might be required will need to be dealt with separately via NCI’s amendments facility (separate instructions for amendments are available).

The act of renewal constitutes a ‘registration event’ under the Act and, unless the grantor has waived their rights in this regard, will require that our clients send their customers copies of the Verification Statements the PPSR will issue confirming the renewal.

Where our clients find themselves with a large number of registrations, all due to expire at around the same time, NCI will provide a bulk renewal facility.  It should be noted, however, that, regardless of the individual expiry dates of registrations submitted for bulk renewal, all will be renewed from the same date and thus share the same expiry date.

Should a registration be allowed to expire, it will still be viewable on the NCINet Current Registrations page but will show ‘Expired’ in the Alert column:

Note that entries in the Current Registrations listing can be sorted by Expiry Date either by clicking on the underlined column heading or using the page’s ‘Order by..’ facility.

Remember, once a registration has expired, it cannot be renewed, so renewing registrations should not be left to the last minute and risk being too late.  A 7 year registration costs approximately a third of a cent per day so waiting until a registration has almost expired will not result in any appreciable saving.

NCI’s Help Desk is available to help with any problems or concerns and can be contacted by phone on 1300 137 793 (0800 442 588 from New Zealand) or by email to

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