PPSR: Expiring Registrations

The PPSR had its 7th birthday at the end of January and, understandably, there’s been quite a growth in the number of articles being written about how to deal with registrations that are due to expire.  NCI released its own fact sheet on the subject last year (click here for a copy) and our key message is simply ‘Don’t Panic’!

If your PPSR registrations are being maintained by NCI, we will make sure you are given plenty of notice of any registrations due to expire. An email will be sent 60 days prior to expiry detailing what registrations will be coming to the end of their life and then a further reminder 30 days later. You will have plenty of time to review which registrations need to be renewed and which can be allowed to lapse.  If you only have a few to renew, you can easily do this yourself via NCINet, but, if you have a large number, we will happily do this for you via a spreadsheet.  We also have people available during normal business hours to help with any queries or concerns.

The PPSA can often be fraught with complications and misunderstandings but, fortunately, renewing a registration doesn’t need to be.

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