Top-Up Cover: What You Need To Know

While we will always do our best to get you the full credit limit you need from your insurer, there will be times (perhaps because of capacity issues) where, although your insurer is prepared to offer ‘some’ cover, it is not as much as you actually need.

In order to fill this gap, NCI has negotiated a facility with Equinox Global Limited (an AA- graded insurer) to ‘top up’ the cover you’ve been given, potentially doubling your approved credit facility.

Premiums will be calculated on the basis of the overall risk being presented but will be unaffected by capacity issues and operate quite harmoniously with your current insurance limit.  As with most cover in this area, Equinox are primarily interested in taking on a spread of risk so while their facility is not geared towards single contract risks, it may make it worthwhile revisiting other contracts where cover has been restricted.

You can see NCI’s Top-Up Cover brochure here and you can contact your NCI Customer Service Manager to explore what options may be available to you.

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