A Word from the Managing Director: Kirk Cheesman

There is a buzz at NCI as we enter our 35th year. Since 1985, we have grown to over 190 staff, operate in 4 countries and support more than 3,500 clients. Thank you so much for your support and partnership.

As we approach this milestone, our focus is further increased on our clients; how we can help their growth, protect them, speed up processes and find solutions for them. This year, we embark on an IT transformation that I will be excited to share with you in due course.

It was good to see a reduction in incoming claims in Q4. Overall, 2019 was a volatile year with many large-scale insolvencies in the retail and building and construction industries. These not only impacted those trading directly with the insolvent entity, but many would have experienced flow-on effects such as extended payment terms due to tighter cashflow. We were pleased to arrange over $65m in claim payments to clients during 2019.

We have many clients reaching out at the moment with concerns that have stemmed from the Coronavirus. This is now impacting trade and payments with businesses dealing into China. If you have any issues or would like more information, please see the articles in the newsletter or contact us directly.

Kind regards
Kirk Cheesman

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