NCI and PPSAdvisory

Although introduced almost 8 years ago, the PPSA still seems to be one of the least understood pieces of legislation impacting the business community. Unfortunately, many businesses still seem uncertain when it comes to correctly performing a PPS registration.

Registering on the PPSR can help:

  • Secure payment from your customers.
  • Protect your assets from the insolvency of your customers.
  • Recover what you’re owed from an insolvent customer.

But only when the registrations are lodged correctly!

To make things easier for you, we have developed a “PPSR Template” which is designed to ensure you submit your registrations quickly and correctly, every time. When registering via NCINet, your preferred selections will be pre-filled.

If you’re concerned whether you’re registering your collateral correctly we encourage you to contact PPSAdvisory, a business specialising in PPSA compliance.

Simon Read of PPSAdvisory is well-versed in the PPSR with many years’ experience both as an insolvency practitioner and PPSA advisor, which is why we have entered into a formal agreement with his business.

With many PPS registrations coming up for renewal, now is a fantastic time to review your practices. PPSAdvisory offer an Assurance Review, a health check for your registrations ensuring your approach is best practice.

For a small, introductory fee of $170, PPSAdvisory will:

  • Review your terms and conditions of trade to identify your security;
  • Review all of your current PPS registrations to ensure they comply with the PPSA;
  • Review your PPS policy to ensure it’s Best Practice
  • Confirm the appropriateness of all Grantors registered by their ABN;

This is an additional service, we are still here facilitating your registrations directly to the PPSR via NCINet as well as being able to provide day-to-day advice.

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