PPSR Template

NCI have developed a template for you to use when registering security on the Australian PPSR via NCINet. It will save a lot of time (reducing the steps from 10 to 2) and will reduce errors.

The current process for lodging registrations via NCINet, involves:

•    Identifying your Grantor by the correct identifier
•    Choosing your Collateral Class
•    Entering a Collateral Description
•    A default registration period is already selected for you
•    Choosing whether or not to designate your security interest as a PMSI
•    Choosing whether your collateral is being treated as ‘inventory’
•    Identifying whether the collateral is subject to your control
•    Designating whether their security is subordinate to another
•    Choosing whether or not you intend to pursue a right over proceeds
•    Deciding whether to accept the default wording describing proceeds or to use your own.
•    Click ‘Submit’.

The process, once the template is applied is as follows:

•    Identifying your Grantor by the correct identifier
•    Clicking ‘Submit’.

Creating and applying the template involves a one-off fee.

If you think you need a review of your existing registrations or suspect you have registered incorrectly, let your client service manager know and we can organise an external review.

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