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ASIC Insolvency Statistics

ASIC External Administration Statistics – 2019 v 2020

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An economic speed hump? A glass half full perspective.

Our Managing Director, Kirk Cheesman, breaks down an array of information to paint an interesting picture of Australia’s economy………at this point in time.

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PPSR: Website Update

The PPSR is due to release an update to its web site later this month.

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What a whirlwind the last few months has been with the impact of COVID-19.

During March, many feared the worst and with significant lockdowns and reduced trading conditions, our industry braced itself for a possible flood of company insolvencies. However, a few months in and our data shows (at this moment in time), many of those fears are yet to be realised.

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Trade Credit Risk Index Q2

Insurer Limit reviews lead to jump in Risk Score

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PPSR: The ‘Additional Details’ Questions

We have noticed a tendency by a number of our clients to leave the ‘Additional details’ section of a PPSR registration blank.  While there may certainly be occasions where ticking one or more of the 5 boxes in this area is not appropriate, our concern is that these are being left blank simply because the questions (and their implications) are not readily understood.

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PPSR Template

NCI have developed a template for you to use when registering security on the Australian PPSR via NCINet. It will save a lot of time (reducing the steps from 10 to 2) and will reduce errors.

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NCI and PPSAdvisory

Although introduced almost 8 years ago, the PPSA still seems to be one of the least understood pieces of legislation impacting the business community. Unfortunately, many businesses still seem uncertain when it comes to correctly performing a PPS registration.

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Electronic Signatures: Update

On 5th May the Federal Treasurer introduced temporary measures, designed to last 6 months, to allow company officers additional flexibility in using electronic signatures (eSignatures) during COVID-19 restrictions.  This might, therefore, be a good time to provide a brief overview of the situation regarding eSignatures.

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A Word from the Managing Director: Kirk Cheesman

The current business environment and impacts of COVID-19 are providing various challenges to business communities around the world.

It is anticipated by many economists that, despite the efforts of governments to support their business communities and individuals, there will still be significant fallout relating to trade credit risks into the future.

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