We've developed a complete range of trade credit services.


We have developed a complete range of trade credit services and can tailor individual solutions to suit all your needs.

Trade Credit Insurance

The ultimate protection against bad debts, where you have your debtors insured against the risk of insolvency, protracted default or political events.

Credit Risk Management

Extends from full credit approval to monitoring, reporting services and tailored outsourced credit management. Credit Risk Management is there to assist you in managing your debtors and improving your cash flow and profitability.

Commercial Collections

Our specialised committed and commercially orientated collection team is there to collect your outstanding monies, with the skills to preserve your customer relationships.

Premium Funding

Enjoy flexible funding choices for your credit insurance policy. Minimise the impact on your cash flow. Take advantage of the availability of competitive interest rates and secure your insurance policy with the minimum of fuss.

Information & Reports

NCI provides a variety of business reports ranging from basic credit checks to comprehensive investigation reports.

Credit checks can be undertaken on companies and individuals, while larger reports also include trade supplier information, an overview of a company’s operations and financial information where available.

Debtor Finance

Access cash in your receivables and improve your cash flow by securing credit against your outstanding debtors.

Surety / Performance Bonds

Provides an alternative to traditional bank guarantees by providing financial security to the beneficiary, the project principal, against a contractor not performing or defaulting on a contract during construction phase and/or warranty and defects period.


Registration on the Personal Property Securities Register will ensure your security interests enjoy their maximum effectiveness. Using our PPSR registration services alongside NCINet will ensure the best protection available.

Value Add Products

At NCI we have a full range of value-add products to help you manage your policy, while increasing your day-to-day efficiency. These services have been developed through our in-depth understanding of credit management and our client’s needs.


Our online ‘NCIRadar’ system is unique to us and has been enhanced, allowing you the ability to navigate your policy and search company data. NCIRadar encompasses extra services to assist in management and compliance of your policy.

NCIRadar opens up possibilities to search unique data on debtors with options to create customised reports. The added benefits of this information include real time alerts on your customers when adverse events occur. You can even opt to receive alerts via email.

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We pride ourselves on being a market leader in terms of broking technology solutions and online systems to help our clients get the information they need in a timely manner.

Our clients have information on over 600,000 different companies stored on our extensive database, with adverse alerts and information continually updated. Clients have the benefit of access to this information and the ability to receive alerts on their debtors.

NCINet links directly to our insurers systems, reporting is instantaneous and efficient. This online system allows clients to apply for limit increases, manage current limits, check the status of credit insurance claims and collections, complete overdue and turnover declarations as well as apply for PPSR registrations.

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CoverGap is a free service for all clients enabling you to identify debtors that are underinsured. Simply upload an aged trial balance with your current exposures, CoverGap ‘washes’ the list and compares it to current limits on your credit insurance and/or credit risk management policy.

CoverGap is an addition to our extensive suite of value added products, making it simpler for you to trade efficiently. Importantly CoverGap ensures clients are aware of any underinsured limits, synchronizing with NCINet means that these ‘gaps’ can be easily rectified.

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Our experienced and proven risk analysts convert information into practical trading advice and agreeable credit limits for you.


Tailored training for all levels of your business including a comprehensive daily services guide.